04 January 2019 (blog index)

Today I saw the above video from S3RL, and it made me sad, happy, and nostalgic. I've always liked S3RL, his songs usually take me back to another point in life. So they come with a feeling of intense nostalgia. And I've always liked the type of music he puts out, I remember finding S3RL in my teenage years, and I think the first song I was really hooked on was Pretty Rave Girl (as were a lot of people...)

And here comes that sad part. I had no idea he was doing a final tour last year. If I had have known I would have made an effort to go! That's one bad thing about removing yourself from things like facebook.

I've often felt a connection to the rave scene... Despite never really being a part of it. I spent a lot of my youth listening to electronic music, I started with trance, and eventually found Happy Hardcore. If I'm honest, Happy Hardcore is still my favourite genre. I love how it makes me want to get up and dance around. It's probably not a coincidence that I also became very invested in DDR ☺

And then there's the social side of it too. Raves seem like a place where a bunch of misfits can get together without prejudice and forget about everything for a while and just go nuts (at least, that's the ideal). Being a massive misfit myself... That appeals to me very much.

I did go and see Scooter last year! And oh boy, am I glad I did that before it was "too late". It was one of the best experiences of my life. Me and my mate were completely exhausted and euphoric by the end of it. I'd never experienced a feeling like that before.

Back to S3RL, I don't know the guy, obviously. But he strikes me as someone who would keep doing what he is doing, even if it never got popular. I always admire people like that. I'm very happy he blew up, and I'm very happy he seemed to stay true to himself the whole time. When he was putting on shows and making music, it seemed like he was making the music as much for himself as for everyone. Because I guess he was part of the rave scene. That's the vibe I get from the video anyway.

Music can have the amazing ability to take you back to another point in your life, and the video above does that for me big time - even though I never went to a rave like that. So it's quite sad to hear that S3RL won't be touring for the forseeable future, but I'm very happy for the dude and what he accomplished. And his reasons for stopping are very noble. I can't imagine how intense the feeling of nostalgia must be for the people who were a part of this, and for S3RL himself!

So yeah... thanks S3RL for your contribution, not just to the rave scene, but also to my life. And thanks for appreciating your fans so much... Here's hoping you go on tour again after your break :)


PS: I do have ideas for interesting blog posts about programming... That was a big reason I made this blog. I'm not sure how interesting my late night disjointed thoughts are, but I'm hopeful my programming thoughts are far more coherent and interesting :D

PPS: It's a bit funny that my first post of 2019 is about another ending, isn't it!

PPPS: Here's the video on YouTube.